Unorganized and Incompetent Manager, Therefore Dangerous

Unorganized and Incompetent Manager, Therefore Dangerous

Employees don’t approve of abusive superiors, but when it comes to incompetent managers, their tolerance is almost none. Abuse is mostly correlated with negative responses from the employees, like absenteeism and demotivation. Nevertheless, there is a stronger connection between manager’s incompetence and same negative reactions.

Nobody stands a masterly and abusive boss, but as a rule, employees find methods to cope with it. But the indulgence towards a chaotic, badly managed working place, where nothing is done as it should is, as I previously said, minimum. Things which undermine an employee’s dignity are mostly incompetence and disorder.

Adverse management can take many forms. For example, the equipments can be obsolete or broken, so that simple tasks can transform into drudgeries. In the offices, useless bureaucracy can frustrate the employee’s efforts in trying to successfully finalize a project. Communication inside the department or inside the company is in total absence. Tasks are delegated by inefficient and illogic algorithms. The most common form of resistance from the employees in front of management is cessation of any effort until the management makes the wanted changes. Absenteeism, sabotaging rules and undermining superior’s authority are the immediate reactions.

Furthermore, the employees who have incompetent managers, most of the times don’t want or can’t manage to create a bonded team. At the working place chaos is installed, human relationships suffer and employees follow only personal interests because of lack of common goal.

On the other hand, many employees manifest loyalty to their job and company, voluntary increasing their efforts to secure efficiency when they have to deal with faulty management. It’s a pleasant feeling to have superior responsibilities, and this thing is part of the satisfaction of a well done job.

This type of manifestation can be less found in the environments where the personnel supervision is made directly, where the employees don’t have a word to say regarding the way the tasks are fulfilled and can be more found in the relaxed environments, where the functional hierarchies prime.

The short and abusive management represents the mail obstacle in the path of the employee’s dignity. Therefore the most efficient way to secure satisfaction at the work place is for the superiors to be responsible for the manner in which they organize their work and in which they treat their subordinates.