To do’s for this autumn

To do’s for this autumn

Holidays are long gone over; most of the companies start their activity with fresh forces. The recruitment projects are re-engaged or start adventitiously, a new breath can be felt in the HR department’s activity.
What can you do this autumn to make the activity coherent in the department you run?

1. If this thing didn’t happen up until now, it is time to align you goal strategies to the company’s general objectives. None of the steps you want to take can make sense or have an effect if they are not correlated with the general management’s goals for the next period.

2. Think strategic, not in punctual resolutions for some problems. Maybe a conflict between two departments could have been avoided if you had notice from the beginning that the organizational structure or the communication ranges were erroneous in that activity field.

3. Accept the fact that the negative decisions are part of the process. Unfortunately, you don’t always have positive levers to resolve problems in the organization. The dismissals, disciplinary warnings, are part of the tasks of your department. If during the holidays you avoided unpleasant decisions, it may be the moment to start doing it.

4. Think of presenting in terms of costs, underlining the profit, the activity of your department. Emphasize the fact that it’s not a black hole and that the allocated budgets can return ten times over, if the investments are strategic.

5. By far the most used concept in the HR field is the one of “employer’s brand”. Therefore align your further steps in investments as to make the company’s name known in the working market and to have only positive connotation.

In case you feel that you don’t have enough support from the company’s management or that your status doesn’t allow you to make all these things, maybe this autumn is the best moment to change something in your career!