Romania Loses Ground in Front of Neighbor Countries

Romania Loses Ground in Front of Neighbor Countries

Foreign investors warn that Romania is becoming a less attractive country for foreign investments, a proof of this phenomenon being the relocation of some important businesses in other countries that offer the possibility of smaller costs.

Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kraft, Colgate Palmolive and Bunge relocations are put on the lack of a strong anti-crisis system of government. Foreign investors accuse the Romanian government of no concrete measures for economical stabilization and that all reforms remain only on paper.

Moreover, the companies who had money to invest chose countries like Poland (a country which closed the first semester of the current year with an economic growth), Bulgaria, Hungary or Moldavian Republic – example: the Mercedes case.

If before the crisis Romania was a country with high consumption, with cheap and weal instructed working force, now it remain in the eyes of the investors as a country with poor infrastructure, fiscally unstable and with politicians more preoccupied by the upcoming elections.

On total, foreign investments have lowered with almost 43% in the first semester of 2009 (after 2008 when Romania had recorded a growth of almost 25% in comparison with the previous year).