ITEX is launching “Your HR Manager”

ITEX is launching “Your HR Manager”

ITEX is launching “Your HR Manager”, a package developed mainly for small and medium businesses and those with less than one hundred employees, for externalization of human resources management.

We strongly believe that ignoring human resources represents a devastating factor, especially in uncertain social and economical situations. Companies are made from and by people. So are the strategies. The company’s image is carried on by the ones who represent it. Profit, on its turn is generated by the efficiency of the employees. To let them adrift, means wanting a catastrophe.

That is why we meet halfway those companies that need concrete managerial interventions for the human resources field, but don’t want to hire people in this department.

The advantages of externalizing the HR function are obvious: downsized costs by assuming exclusively of the direct ones and the access to well-trained specialists, with experience gained in numerous consultancy projects, capable of rising to the challenges and who have a high degree of objectivity, not being emotionally implicated.

The services which are included in this package are adapted to the organizational specific and needs and include: establishment of the human resources strategy related to the organizational objectives that were proposed, management of the organizational architecture (realization of the organigram and job descriptions), management of the relationship with the employees (establishing communication ways and methods, writing the “Employee Manual”, punctual problems consultancy), testing employees satisfaction, change management and, maybe the most important in the actual economic context, performance management.

For more details or to ask for our concrete offer, do not hesitate to contact us.