Even though the scandal has a history, recent rumors seem to confirm the information that Google Inc. will leave the Chinese market.

The „fight” between Google and the Chinese government started the moment the company refused to further censor and filter the searches on the search engine and redirect them on the uncensored engine from Hong Kong.

Although in 2006 the company signed an agreement with the Chinese government to censor all information on, the recent decision came because of the recent conflict started at the beginning of this year. In January a group of Chinese hackers (who Google suspect of having connections with the Chinese Information Services) attacked the company’s e-mail servers to spy some human rights activists. The Chinese government denies any implication in the activity of e-mail hacking.

China promptly reacted declaring that Google’s decision is „totally wrong” and took immediate measures: results filtering on the Hong Kong search engine.

However the conflict with the Chinese state isn’t limited to Google Inc. being part of a greater one: the conflict between USA and China. Between the two great powers there are many unsolved issues both economical (related to dollar – yuan quotations, unsolved commercial  litigation) as well as political (the Tibet situation and the help offered by USA to Taiwan).

But Google seems to have taken the final decision: starting with 10th of April will no longer be available, even though China represents 20% of the total Internet users.