Delegation – an efficient management instrument

Delegation – an efficient management instrument

In most cases, the today management style is a flexible one, which depends on the situation: on the task that must be done, abilities and knowledge of the team or of a certain employee, available time and instruments or on the wanted results.

As a supervisor, manager or team leader, everyday you make decisions regarding the management style that must be applied in every working situation. You want to cultivate involvement and employee’s authorization to make decisions, determining them to participate actively in the projects. The most efficient instrument: delegation.

These pieces of advice for successfully delegating activities will help you run a successful team:

  • Every time it is possible, when you delegate, make sure that the whole task is given just for one member of the team. If you can’t do this, make sure that everybody understands the role of the project or the task.
  • Make sure that the team member understands exactly what you want him to do. Ask questions, supervise his work or ask him to give feedback to assure correct understanding of tasks.
  • Communicate the wanted result to the employee that you delegate for the task.
  • Identify key points of the project or the feedback dates
  • Identify the measures or the result that you will use to determine the project was finalized successfully or not.
  • Decide, before you begin, the way you will repay the team member for the successful closing of the project or the delegated task.

Successful activity delegation as management style solicits time and energy, but it’s worth the effort as the members of the team are more involved, are more successful, are developing and rise up to the expectations. You will increase employees’ self esteem and the ones who feel they have success, most of the times, the do have it.