Career Success: Personal Branding

Career Success: Personal Branding

One’s career must be in a continuous movement. Without dynamics, it can collapse anytime. That’s why any professional is proactive regarding his career, always being attentive at the opportunities that can set him going.

The development of a personal brand is a key component in keeping a career. Such as a commercial brand differentiates a product from the rest of the similar products and makes it unforgettable for the consumers, a personal brand proves that you have the motivation which makes you unique.

The professionals that adopt a personal brand recognize it as being the gantry which will place them in the potential employers’ way. Even if you are satisfied of your current job, think of a personal brand, looking ahead into the future. Ideal, you should always be prepared to refuse new job offers. If the offers don’t come, this might be a sign of stagnation in your career.

A strong personal brand can outline not only the image that other have of you, but also the one that you have about yourself. Think about the images or words that come in one’s mind just by hearing names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Jack Welch. Each one of theme is a recognition mark. The today’s managers and employers want more than a vast CV – they are looking for distinction.

Look at the people around you. What can you do better than them? What makes you more capable to lead a team or to manage a project? If you don’t know the answer then certainly you boss doesn’t.
To correctly determine your value define your target and your competition. What brand tactics use other people? How does your future look in comparison with the other’s future? Ask yourself what image people have about you. This is your value, the thing that you will use in every aspect of your dissemination of the personal brand.