Aspire to Perfomance!

Aspire to Perfomance!

From previous experience, in small or big companies, profitable or not, it became obvious that success isn’t such a “big deal”. In the following, we want to uncover the equation of success, in terms of performance.

Come to think of it, performance is connected firstly with self-praise. Praising you, in our opinion, isn’t bragging or being arrogant. It only means giving the best you’ve got in everything you do, being aware of your own competences. It means concentrating on your work, with the intention of giving profitable results for the company you work in. It means creating value through accomplishments.

It may seem like a paradox, but the ones who perform are those who seem to act insane or with an absolute courage. They make decisions that others don’t. They try things without knowing if they will work or not. Most of the times they refuse to think about safety and often they may look ridiculous, bold or defiant.

What I’ve just depicted are, rather the characteristics of innovative people. Ask anyone if a company must be innovative as to cope with competition, and you will invariable receive an affirmative response. But, as a rule, the trust in innovation ends here. Innovation means trail blazing. Innovation means courage, sometimes absurd. It means having the desire to renegade the old methods and all that you called success up until then. It means acting with certain madness, which says “I don’t know if it will work. This is what I want to find out”.

In the past, the most frequent outlook in business was “What have you been doing lately for me?” Today, we don’t give importance to what happened lately, but to what will happen from now on. The today philosophy is “I need this yesterday”, and we are impatient with things that we believe aren’t worthy waiting. If you make me wait, you lose.

If we could compare this thing with a strategy that the top performers have, we could sum up: “we do everything NOW”. The ones who work in corporate environments are accustomed with the meeting for generating new ideas, after that following the analysis of these ideas, then other meeting for new ideas.

The most efficient known organizations have an unbelievable penchant for speed and action. If a decision was made that an idea is good, the responsibility for implementing it is immediately attributed, the courses of action are settled, the payments are made, and the project is already being unfolded.

The top performers are afraid of being stuck in hesitation more than they fear making mistakes. They rightly consider that mistakes can be rectified, but being stuck in one place in a continuously changing market could be fatal.

In every top performer, regardless of the field of work, lies a better performer who is waiting for his turn. In every respectful organization, there should be a rule for the employees: “if you can’t do better than this – you are not allowed to work here”. Every company formally admits the idea of continuous improvement.

Every company agrees that fact that, staying a competitor means being better tomorrow than you are today. But what steps have you made to assure that you will be better tomorrow? Is this truly a politic? Or is it just a slogan? For the performing companies and employees, continuous improvement is part of every day activity.

The performers are perfectly aware that anything can happen during a process, even though everything is planned to the detail. In the past, having success meant making the right decision. Today, having success is making the right decision, than making another right decision fast enough. Regardless of what is happening around, you must be prepared to change the gear. If you can’t have achievements under these circumstances, it means that your place isn’t among the other performers. If you don’t like the unknown, you’re like a fish which doesn’t like the water.

What is the difference between a person who accepts and deals with the unknown, and the person who loses itself in front of it? It is called normality. The first person is accepting the idea that regardless of what’s happening, everything is normal. Not necessarily acceptable, but normal.

In conclusion if we were to make the success equation, this would be a sum of madness, innovation, reaction speed, courage and accepting the new.