Alexandra Gatej, Presidential Councilor

Alexandra Gatej, Presidential Councilor

The Presidential Administration announced today that the President Traian Basescu signed the naming decree for Presidential Councilor in business matters of Alexandra Gatej, former Unilever CEO.

Once naming Alexandra Gatej as Presidential Councilor she no longer works for Unilever. At the end of May, Unilever announced that Alexandra Gatej mandate of Central and Eastern Europe CEO had been finalized, and was expected to become Business Development Director for the same region.

43 years old Alexandra Gatej, was born in Sibiu, is married and has one child. She graduated Cybernetics Faculty within Academy of Economic Studies and was an Economist for the Leather Goods Factory from Targu-Mures.

Later she was Director of Export at Leather Goods Factory in Sebes, Alba.

Between 1993 and 1996, she worked as an Office Manager at “Europa Libera” Radio and starting with 1996 she worked for Unilever Romania, Italy, Czech Republic and again Romania.

Furthermore she was President of American Commerce Chamber in Romania.