Top Factoring has finished assessing the employees’ performances using ITEX 440

Top Factoring has finished assessing the employees’ performances using ITEX 440

The financial services company Top Factoring has finished evaluating the employees’ performances using ITEX 440. the evaluation focused on the last trimester of 2009 and had the goal to establish professional competences and abilities, specific behaviors, motivation and adhesion towards the company, on all hierarchical and functional levels.

The objective of the assessment was to ensure an effective human capital, capable of generating a high efficiency of the professional activity, in order to ensure clients of great quality services.

„We wish to offer our clients access to the best services. Along our investments in the IT system and solid activity procedures, we want to ensure them that the performance of our employees meet their expectations” said Catalin Neagu, General Manager of Top Factoring.

All the company’s employees were involved in the evaluation process. The collection of performance indicators was comprised of 100 items and the assessment took the form of a multi source feedback. In the process of evaluation were considered both the self-evaluation and the evaluation of the direct manager, the ones of the colleagues from their department and in the same hierarchical level, as well as assessment of colleagues from other departments, taking into account the logic of professional interactions.

„Because we are talking about a „ITEX 440 You and Us” implementation we were implicated in all fazes of the project, including the design of the assessment questionnaire, the evaluators-evaluated relationship setting and the overall management of the application. It was a challenging project precisely because Top Factoring has a unique organizational culture in the local market, being a democratic company, in which employees express themselves freely, a culture that might have been affected if the process of evaluation wouldn’t have been carried out optimally” declared Valentina Neacsu, General Manager of ITEX.

Because of the relaxed working environment and because of the management style inside Top Factoring, the evaluation project had an efficient flow, generating relevant results.

About Top Factoring:

Top Factoring is one of the first three players of the local financial services market, with a 17 percent market share. Its competitive advantage lays in an intelligent management of debts, by collecting in o correct manner all unpaid debits, both in the B2C and B2B market.

About ITEX and ITEX 440:

ITEX is a recruitment, consultancy and HR software firm. Its mission is to help companies in meeting their long term strategic objectives.

The most recent ITEX product is ITEX 440, a high-performance instrument with the main goal of managing evaluation processes, born from the declared need of more and more managers: knowing their employees and the way they do their job.

The solution is based on the Software as a Service principle. ITEX 440 is therefore a web tool that doesn’t imply any infrastructure costs. The data is secure and can be accessed at any time with just a web browser.