Telecom Merger

Telecom Merger

Today the papers for one of the most important fusions will be signed, a turnover in the top of the Great Britain’s telecom companies.

Therefore, T-mobile, Briton division of Deutsche Telekom and Orange, member of France Telecom group will merge creating the biggest mobile telephone operator in Great Britain. Orange was up till now the third operator with 21,5% and T-Mobile the forth with almost 15% but this contract will depose the Spanish operator Telefonica (almost 28% of Britain’s mobile market and number one).

In the spring the Deutche Telekom CEO, Renee Obermann announced that because of the recession T-mobile is having financial difficulties, therefore the possibility of selling it for about 3 or 4 billion euros existed. At that moment the ones who announced their interest in buying T-mobile where the Britons from Vodafone, the Spanish from Telefonica and of course the French from France Telecom.

The Briton division of Deutche Telekom was taken over in June by Richard Moat who was CEO of Orange Romania since 2004. When becoming a CEO of T-mobile he stated that until 2012 utmost the company will have the third place as number of subscribers.

Up until now there was no statement made concerning the future of Richard Moat inside of the newly created company.