Romania Is Generating 3% of Spam Content

Romania Is Generating 3% of Spam Content

According to a study published by Kaspersky Lab, Romania is on 2nd place in EMEA (after Poland – 4%) for volume of generated spam content and on 5th place globally (after Rusia – 11%, USA – 10%, India – 7% and Poland).

Kaspersky Lab representative, Costin Raiu (Chief Security Expert) says that countries for Eastern Europe, South America and Asia are the most endorsed by spammers because of poorly developed security systems.

Moreover, Raiu sustains the fact that spam messages have modified their content as a response to the actual economic situation. Therefore, because of the consumption decrease of some products and services, spammers have reoriented themselves especially on medical products, food supplements but also PC games, e-advertising services and educational services.

Even though it was believed that along with the crisis the phishing messages will increase exponentially, a decrease was observed due to information measures taken by banks and other financial institutions.

In all, in the first six months of 2009 the quantity of spam messages was of 85,5%.