ITEX 440 helps on the way to performance!

ITEX 440 helps on the way to performance!

Today ITEX 440 has been launched!

A company’s economical performances are directly proportional with the performances of the people that form it. There can’t be set new objectives, the activity can’t be strategically planed, if the strongest and weakest points of the employees are totally unknown.

That’s why ITEX 440 was created, as a managerial instrument both useful and necessary, which helps you know the quality of your human resources, what competences and abilities are sufficiently developed, how strongly the company’s values are interiorized and more important the results obtained by the employees, therefore predicting future realizations or action plans.

The application is based on the Software as a Service principle, offering multisource feedback: each employee can be evaluated by more evaluators being in different hierarchical and functional positions and by himself/herself or by people outside the company (internal/external clients, partners, providers).

ITEX 440 is structured in two functional areas: the area administering the evaluation projects which can be accessed only by the administrator of the application and the area referring to the evaluation itself which can be accessed by all the people implicated in the evaluation: employees or external evaluators (clients, partners, suppliers).

Being a very generous and easy to use application, ITEX 440 allows you to administer with your own efforts the evaluation processes or projects inside your organization or group that you lead.

In case you don’t have the necessary information to set some evaluation indicators and to create a questionnaire, our consultants offer you a standard one. Based on a rich practical experience and structured into four sections: competences, motivation, adhesion towards the company and results, the standard questionnaire covers a wide area of performance indicators, both for managerial positions and for executive positions.

For more information regarding ITEX 440 functionalities and licensing policy, visit  the following sites: and .

ITEX is a recruitment and consultancy firm, also developing HR software, based in Romania in 2006. Clients portfolio include well known companies like TBI Leasing, TBI Credit, Novensys, UTI, Vendio, Bluespace, Top Factoring. The company’s products portfolio also includes MyRecruiter, an application that manages recruitment projects intended for the recruitment departments inside companies but also for recruitment agencies.